#RunTheCulture Hailing from the United Kingdom, this week we go international for #MusicMonday and present the singer and actress Mahalia. At the age of 22, Mahalia is young in life but a veteran in the music biz. She was only 12 when she started playing guitar and singing at open mics in her hometown of…

yardhype reggae blog

THE FEAT. – YardHype Blog

#RunTheCulture Reggae and dancehall culture is an intrigue part of The Culture. And today on The Feat, we are featuring Yard Hype, a blog that plugs you into everything reggae. Based straight out of Jamaica, YardHype is a Reggae/Dancehall music, all around Jamaican/Caribbean entertainment website looking to bring good quality content to it’s visitors from…

netflix strong black lead podcast

THE FEAT. – Netflix Strong Black Lead Podcast

#RunTheCulture Today on The Feat. we’re featuring the Netflix podcast Strong Black Lead. in 2019 Netflix launched their “Strong Black Lead” initiative showing the company’s commitment to diverse storytelling, something much needed in the TV and film industry. The podcast is part of that initiative and is the place you can learn about the stars…

wande rapper


Having faith is nothing new in hip-hop but openly displaying it and making it the foundation of your bars is rare. And being a female MC and doing so have been almost non-existence. But enter a fresh, driven young lady coming straight outta Texas and you have our #MusicMonday featured artists, Wande.

Primms Hood Cinema Black YouTuber

THE FEAT. – Primm’s Hood Cinema

#RunTheCulture Siskel and Ebert, Armond White, Gene Shalit. Some of the world’s most renowned movie critics. It is time to add a new one that represents specifically for The Culture, Moses Primm and his YouTube channel Primm’s Hood Cinema. Primm’s Hood Cinema is a channel dedicated to reviewing hood cinema classics. From Boyz N The…

tami reed blogger

THE FEAT. – Blogger Tami Reed

#RunTheCulture Today on The Feat. we’re showing love to award-winning fashion/beauty/celebrity/lifestyle blogger Tami Reed. Reed is an Atlanta based blogger renowned for her keen eye for fashion and a her unique wit. She has been a red carpet correspondent and on-air talent and her engaging personality has caught the attention of major brands. She’s worked…

jade novah


#RunTheCulture Multi-talented, with a love for singing, songwriting, acting, and even comedy, Lindsay Fields aka Jade Novah is today’s #MusicMonday featured artist. Growing up, Jade was influenced by her father’s love of rock music and her mother’s affection for musical theater. She started by singing in church before moving on to female vocal groups. Fate…

hip hop heads podcast

THE FEAT. – Hip Hop Heads Podcast

#RunTheCulture Hip-Hop and podcasting have become interesting bedfellows lately. Rap is such an interesting subject as it is lead talking point not only within The Culture but popular culture at large. Today we feature the up-and-coming Hip-Hop Heads Podcast. A Hip-Hop Head is defined as someone that embodies the hip-hop culture. Someone who is obsessed…

chronixx music monday


#RunTheCulture Reggae and dancehall music have their own special place in The Culture. And one of the artist helping to push the genre forward is the very talented Chronixx. “Prepare your minds and hearts for this revolution.” – Chronixx Jamar McNaughton aka Chronixx is a 26 year-old Jamaican born singer/songwriter/producer making music branded as “Reggae…

swoozie top 10 black youtuber

The Feat. – YouTuber Swoozie

#RunTheCulture Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one of the most original YouTubers on the platform, Swoozie. Originally recognized in our list of the 10 Black YouTube Channels To Watch, Swoozie’s channel consist mainly of him doing comedic story telling vlogs. He tells stories about his life covering everything from his childhood to his misadventures…