hair love movie

The Feat. – “Hair Love” The Book and Movie

#RunTheCulture Black animated films are almost non-existent in “traditional” Hollywood. Black hair is completely misunderstood in “traditional” Hollywood (and society at large). So the odds of a children’s picture book celebrating black hair being turned into an animated short are slim-to-none. At that short film then being nominated for an Oscar? Impossible. Meet the impossible.…

skip marley music monday

MUSIC MONDAY – Skip Marley

#RunTheCulture Hailing from Kingston Jamaica and representing the first family of reggae, Skip Marley is ready to become the new face of a genre. At the age of just 23, the singer-songwriter has already stared making waves. Skip is the son of Cedella Marley (a singer, dancer, fashion designer, actress, and entrepreneur in her own right),…

rico the giant black gaming youtuber

THE FEAT. – YouTuber Rico The Giant

#RunTheCulture Gaming YouTube and streaming is blowing up. And with the growing number of black gaming YouTubers getting into the game it’s hard to standout. Enter Rico The Giant. Rico is a young content creator, gamer, streamer and music producer. He posts gameplay/commentary videos, Q &. A’s, and even reactions to bad little kid’s Soundcloud…

DJ Akademiks

THE FEAT. – Youtuber DJ Akademiks

#RunTheCulture Today we feature hip-hop YouTuber, TV host, and…rapper?!? DJ Akademiks. DJ Akademiks is a Jamaican born, NY raised entertainment media personality and creator for The Culture. He covers various hip-hop news and entertainment items on YouTube, TV, radio and on social media. His videos are composed of his raw, off-the-cuff audio commentaries layered on top of stitched-together video clips and…

2 dope queens podcast

The Feat. – 2 Dope Queens Podcast

Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one the biggest black podcast out, 2 Dope Queens. There are 2 Dope Queens currently reigning supreme atop the black podcast game. They’re so poppin’ that now they record their podcast in-front of large boisterous audiences at the King Theater in Brooklyn, have done HBO specials, and are being…



#RunTheCulture Having a second chance to make a first impression is a rare opportunity in the music industry. And our #MusicMondays series is designed specifically to introduce you to the artists you need to be listening to. So with all that said, let us (re)introduce you to the multi-talented Normani. A singer and dancer from…

nightlight black horror podcast

Nightlight – Black Horror Podcast

#RunTheCulture Our Spooky SZN coverage continues as we feature the horror-themed black podcast Nightlight . Nightlight is a horror fiction podcast featuring creepy and strange tales from across the Black diaspora all written by black authors and narrated by black voice actors. Fictional scary black tales in all mediums are still a rarity unfortunately. Nightlight…

immaculate bites black food blog foodie

The Feat. – Immaculate Bites Food Blog

#RunTheCulture Do you like food with an African and/or Caribbean flare to it? Check that, do you like food period?  Then you gotta check out the amazing black food blog Immaculate Bites. The recipes on the blog range from African and Caribbean bedrocks like Slow Cooker Ropa Vieja, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, etc. to Southern classics like Bourbon…

wande rapper


Having faith is nothing new in hip-hop but openly displaying it and making it the foundation of your bars is rare. And being a female MC and doing so have been almost non-existence. But enter a fresh, driven young lady coming straight outta Texas and you have our #MusicMonday featured artists, Wande.