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Welcome to this inspiring Halimah S. interview. She is the visionary behind HS Candle Co. In today’s conversation, we delve into the captivating journey of a woman who is not only carving her niche in the business world but has also bringing warmth and amazing aromas to homes through her candle making business. Join us as Halimah shares her unique insights and the empowering story behind the creation of her flourishing new enterprise. Get ready to be inspired by the passion, creativity, and resilience of this remarkable entrepreneur as we explore the fascinating world of the HS Candle Co.

Tell us about yourself and your career so far, how did you get into candle making? 

My name is Halimah, I’m 34, I’m born and raised in Atlanta,Ga that’s where I currently reside. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career in childcare and teaching. I know, quite the pivot I’ve made. lol I’ve always had a passion to create but never knew in what form it would take on. Which I believe now, is entrepreneurship. I started getting into candles during the pandemic.

With the world shutting down, self care became my safe haven. I was buying so many candles for myself during that time, I thought.. “what if I made my own” I researched the steps, read several books, bought supplies, started testing.. and the rest is history.

How do you choose the scents for your line? And what is your personal favorite?

Oh goodness, I’m so particular lol this takes me a bit of time because I want every candle scent I have to be a really good one! But Normally when choosing scents, I have a few friends smell what I’m working on, and get their opinions. As well as conduct online polls with new scents I’m thinking of introducing to my followers to see what they would be interested in.

My favorite candle scent is Magnolia&Peony its dedicated to my sister who passed last year. Peony was her favorite.

What made you decide to create and launch your own brand?

The feedback! I initially had no plan to launch a brand! I just wanted aesthetically yummy smelling candles for my home during my “self care Sunday” ritual. But I had such a awesome response from friends, family, and online supporters that didn’t know me from a can of paint lol but knew me for being very creative, ask how could they support and purchase! it took off from there, and now I’m able to use my talent and skills, to offer the world something I’m very proud.

Can you tell us more about HS Candle Co.?

Yes! I launched 2 years ago on my birthday, March 17th,
My business was created from a self care ritual I have on Sunday’s that was birthed during the pandemic. Covid had hit hard and no longer being able to do those things I used to do, to pour back into myself I was forced to get creative with self care. during that time, candles and skincare played a huge part! Which birthed the idea to start creating my own products. I fell in love with scents, different wicks and waxes, the texture of the body butter, and the creative process of bringing everything together! Which is now where luxury and self care meet in the most beautiful way!

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day would be waking up early. Although I may lie in the bed for 30mins until my feet actually hit the ground lol I try to walk 10k steps everyday as well as train in the gym 3x a week, so that takes the bulk of morning. I’ll cook breakfast, and fix a cup of tea, then start prepping to make product. grabbing containers, labels, piping bags, and everything I’ll need for the task at hand. I then check emails/text and content plan for the week.

I still work part-time so I think its imperative to use your time wisely when you’re a budding entrepreneur. I have a very detailed daily schedule, That keeps me focused and not idle. I also listen to my body and schedule in “rest breaks” when needed.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Most would say freedom, and that’s part of the reason that makes entrepreneurship exciting. However; creating would be my favorite aspect of entrepreneurship, being able to hold the art brush to the canvas, of my own life, and create something beautiful. Tailor made just for me. There’s nothing like it!

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced attempting to launch your own brand?

Whew, quite a few. I could talk about shipping horrors and delays, closing the website due to workspace flooding and much more, But the biggest challenge for me has been consistency! Through all of that, remaining consistent to nurture HS Candle Co to its fullest growth and potential.

What is your favorite/coolest moment you’ve experienced so far in your entrepreneurial journey?

Meeting my supporters! Pop ups are always so much fun. It allows me the opportunity for that one on one connection. I’ll tell the story of how I met a young lady at one of my pop ups with Black Coffee Co. (if you’re every in the ATL area check them out) she had just finished running a marathon! And if that wasn’t enough, she still had a busy day with being a mother and taking her kids to soccer/football practices. She wanted a candle for a bubble bath that she’d take later that day, to relax and unwind. I could hear in her voice how much she was looking forward to that “me time” and I couldn’t have been more happy to provide her with that moment of self care. That was a moment where I truly felt like I’m making a difference with my brand. I’m my highest self when I’m serving others. That’s the best feeling. Stories like hers keeps me going.

What’s next for you and HS Candle Co.?

New products! I’m working on a body oil now, more pop-ups in different cities! I have a huge following in south and north Carolina so I’m looking forward to popping up there soon! And I’m leaving the rest up to God 🙂 wherever he decides to lead me.

What are your ultimate goals you wish to achieve in your career? 

Expansion. I would love to create a skincare line for the face next, as well as get systems in place where can run on its own somewhat. Ultimately my goal is to explore every depth of my creativity and see where that leads me.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Firstly, id say I’m so proud of you! Keep going! It will be hard, there will be days/seasons you will want to quit, but see it through and never lose focus on what God has placed on your heart to do/be/create. Life can sometimes paint the image that we have to settle for what’s given to us. But I believe we have a choice. You have a choice! So take the art brush and paint the life most fulfilling and authentic to you. I’m rooting for you!

And finally, what does the term “The Culture” mean to you?

To me, the term culture, means family, Its provides a sense of belonging, helps preserve heritage, and fosters diversity and understanding among many different communities. Culture is a rich tapestry that adds depth and meaning to our human experience and everyday life.

Halimah S Interview

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