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The Original Kings of Comedy movie brought together four of The Culture’s most hilarious comedians for a stand-up documentary unlike anything that came before it.

The four Kings were of course Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac. The film was directed by Spike Lee and released in 2000. It follows the comedians on their “Kings of Comedy” tour, a highly successful tour that sold out arenas across America in 1999. The film intersperses footage of the comedians performing stand-up with behind-the-scenes footage of the tour, giving a unique and intimate look at their lives.

The Kings of Comedy was a critical and commercial success, and is considered a classic in the world of stand-up comedy. In total,the film brought in 39 million dollars, tripling it’s initial budget. The film’s release coincided with a wave of popularity for African American stand-up comedians, elevating the entire genre. And specifically, it helped to cement Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac as major players in the world of comedy and helping all four transition into Hollywood.

The film is notable for its portrayal of the comedians’ lives on and off the stage. It highlights the challenges and triumphs that they faced as African American comedians in a predominantly white industry. It is also notable for its depiction of the close brotherhood between the four comedians, and the sense of camaraderie and support that they showed for one another.

Overall, The Kings of Comedy is a must-see for fans of stand-up comedy. And it is also an important film in the history of African American comedy. It is a testament to the talent and perseverance of its four stars, and a tribute to the power of comedy to bring people together and break down barriers.


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