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With the NBA Finals in full swing we’re featuring the b-ball centered children’s book Shootin’ Hoops With Dad.

Shootin’ Hoops With Dad is a book for 9-12 year-olds centered around a father-son relationship where both laughs and life lessons are shared. Positive images of black fathers are always a welcomed sight in The Culture which is front-and-center in this YA novel where basketball is used as the backdrop not the driving force of the narrative.

And #SHWD is actually the second book in the series written by author (and Creators for The Culture EIC) Christopher R. Ford. The first being the baseball themed Playin’ Catch With Dad. Throughout the books the young protagonist goes through ups and downs like making the teams, dealing with a demanding coaches and bullies, and winning and losing. But through it all his dad is there to give him advice while they play catch and shoot hoops in their backyard. And it’s all about him overcoming those obstacles that even include his own fears and doubts about himself and his abilities. But again, with the help of his dad and his friends and he’s going for his goals/dreams. 

A book for young black kids starring kids that look and talk like them filled with positive images and affirmations, Shootin’ Hoops With Dad is a great summer read for the future creators for The Culture everywhere.

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