CULTURE CLASSICS – “Be A Father To Your Child”


With Father’s Day being this weekend we had to hit you with a hip-hop ode encouraging black fatherhood. So with that we present this week’s #CultureClassic “Be A Father To You Child” by Ed OG and Da Bulldogs.

Ed OG is an MC from Boston who had a solid hip-hop run in the early 90’s. He released his first album in 1991 with his group Da Bulldogs, titled Life of a Kid in the Ghetto which featured the “Be a Father to Your Child” joint, a heartfelt call to black men everywhere to take responsibility and most important, take the lead in black households.

It’s not the presents, it;s your presence and essence/
Of being there and showing the baby that you care

The song features a smooth sample from one of the smoothest musicians in The Culture’s history, Roy Ayers and the soulful sax-lead loop is pure 90’s hip-hop. “Be A Father To Your Child” by Ed OG and Da Bulldogs is conscious, it’s a banger, it’s about black fatherhood, and it’s a #CultureClassic.

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