Summer Walker

MUSIC MONDAYS – Summer Walker

#RunTheCulture Hailing from the ATL, this week’s #MusicMonday featured artist is the singer Summer Walker. A relative newcomer to the music scene, Summer debuted in early 2018 and quickly made a name for herself. Known for her atmospheric contemporary R&B her very first song was a self-produced acoustic record “Session 32”. The viby joint garnered…

The read podcast

The Feat. – The Read Podcast

#RunTheCulture Today one The Feat. we’re featuring the podcast The Read. The Readis a weekly pop culture podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture’s headline making stars. The show is based out of New York City and hosted by vlogger Kid Fury and internet personality Crissle West. The Read was an early entrant into the black comedy podcast genre debunk back in…

roots next generations

CULTURE CLASSICS – Roots: Next Generations

#RunTheCulture In this edition of #CultureClassics we take a look at the sequel to one of the biggest TV events in the history of The Culture, Roots: Next Generations. Debuting this week in 1979, Roots: NG was the follow-up to Roots from legendary writer and creator for The Culture Alex Haley. It continues the fictionalized…


Here on #MusicMondays our goal is to bring you truly unique artists that rep The Culture and are making music you gotta here and this week we’re putting the spotlight on a new artist on the R&B scene with throwback musical sensibilities and a truly unique story: Lucky Daye.

black travel blogs


The world is big but it’s getting smaller by the day. The ease and relative affordability of travel has opened up the world for people of color like never before and we are starting to take advantage of it. If you’re a globetrotter or just starting to think about traveling, check out these 10 travel blogs from some amazing creators for The Culture.

lizzo music mondays


#RunTheCulture Melissa Jefferson aka Lizzo, is a rapper/singer based in Minneapolis by way of Houston and is one of the most unique musical creators for The Culture out right now. Lizzo began her career in rapping while living in Texas and after moving to Minneapolis, she performed with indie groups including the electro soul-pop duo, Lizzo & the Larva Ink and…