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Here on #MusicMondays our goal is to bring you truly unique artists that rep The Culture and are making music you gotta here and this week we’re putting the spotlight on a new artist on the R&B scene with throwback musical sensibilities and a truly unique story: Lucky Daye.

A singer/songwriter out of New Orleans, David Debrandon Brown aka Lucky Daye, has only been in the game since 2008 and only been on on since 2018 but he has accomplished a lot, carving out a niche for his unique story-driven music. And does Lucky have a story to tell. He was raised by his mother in a religious cult in New Orleans that forbade secular music. This did not deter Lucky however as he discovered his innate knack for singing and on his own taught himself melodies and song structure by singing Bible versus and turning children’s books into songs.

Life changed for Lucky Daye like it did for every New Orleans resident when Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005. Brown and his mother fled to Texas breaking away from the cult and it’s various restrictions. And he soon found himself free to immerse himself in classic R&B discovering legendary creators for The Culture like Prince, Rick James, Lauryn Hill, and Stevie Wonder. And not long after, he decided his future was indeed in music and moved to Atlanta in pursuit of his dreams.

In 2008 he started taking off as a songwriter earning credits on songs by Keith Sweat and Ne-Yo. He continued on to write for artists ranging from  Boyz II Men to Keke Palmer. Ella Mai to Trey Songz and Mary J. Blige among many others. And finally in October 2018, Lucky Daye signed to RCA and released his first single, the emotive and airy “Roll Some Mo”. On November 9, he released his first EP titled I, which is part of a series leading up to his forthcoming debut album Painted. All of the songs on the upcoming album were written by Lucky Daye and evoke the traditional, non-hip-hop influenced, side of the R&B genre. In January 2019, he dropped the first single from the second EP in the series called “Karma” and released the second instalment of the EP series, II. He is slated to take his soulful and very personal brand of R&B on the road touring with Ella Mai beginning in February 2019. So check out his music and look for even more from this prolific newcomer bringing back actual rhythms and blues while repping for The Culture.

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