#RunTheCulture Having a second chance to make a first impression is a rare opportunity in the music industry. And our #MusicMondays series is designed specifically to introduce you to the artists you need to be listening to. So with all that said, let us (re)introduce you to the multi-talented Normani. A singer and dancer from…

wande rapper


Having faith is nothing new in hip-hop but openly displaying it and making it the foundation of your bars is rare. And being a female MC and doing so have been almost non-existence. But enter a fresh, driven young lady coming straight outta Texas and you have our #MusicMonday featured artists, Wande.

Pink Sweat$

MUSIC MONAYS – Pink Sweat$

#RunTheCulture Honesty is a pillar of soul and R&B music. It is also the name of the breakout single from this week’s #MusicMonday artist, singer Pink Sweat$. A singer and producer to be exact, David Bowden, known professionally as Pink Sweat$ (don’t forget the $) is as versatile as he is unique. He started making music…

rayana jay


#RunTheCulture Harmonic with a mission. That is one way to describe this week’s #MusicMonday featured artist, the motivated, deep and talented Rayana Jay. A Westside native (Richmond, CA to be exact), Rayana Jay burst onto the scene in 2016 when she dropped her debut project Sorry About Last Night, an album that came out of nowhere…

asiahn music mondyas


#RunTheCulture Here on #MusicMondays we like to feature artists that are not only nice on the mic but bring it with a top-notch pin game as well. Asia Bryant aka Asiahn is one of those artists. Potent with the pen and the vocals. Asiahn (pronounced “Ahh-zee-yahn,”) has been in the game since the early 2010s…

leon bridges music mondays

MUSIC MONDAYS – Leon Bridges

#RunTheCulture Hearing a song that can transport you to a different time and place is a rarity in today’s popular music and requires a unique talent to pull off. This week’s #MusicMondays artist is one of those unique talents, Leon Bridges.  A new type of American Soul singer, Bridges bridges the gap (sorry) between 1960’s…



#RunTheCulture Having talent, true talent, transcends. It transcends where someone is from, it transcends age. This week’s #MusicMonday artist, Khalid it was of those transcendent musical talents. At the age of 21 and in only his third year in the music game, Khalid has gone from a regular everyday teen living in the far out…

jorja smith


#RunTheCulture Hitting you with another amazing British singer/songwriter for this week’s edition of #MusicMondays, we present to you, Jorja Smith. A newcomer so talented that before releasing an album had already worked with the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Jorja Smith is already a forced to be reckoned with. The product of a Jamaican…