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Having faith is nothing new in hip-hop. But openly displaying it and making it the foundation of your bars is rare. And being a female MC and doing so has been almost non-existent. But enter a fresh, driven young lady coming straight outta Texas and you have our #MusicMonday featured artist, the rapper Wande.

A relative newcomer to the world of CHH (Christian Hip-Hop), the Nigerian born, Texas raised Wande has grinded her way through the male dominated industry to become the actual first ever female Christian rapper to sign to a major label, inking a deal with CHH powerhouse label Reach Records (founded by legendary CHH artist and creator for The Culture Lecrae).

Lisening to her music, it’s easy to see (or hear) why she was signed. Wande’s infectious personality comes out in her raps which are crafted to inspire and uplift women and men alike. Her major label debut single and video “Blessed Up”, a mix of her heavenly lyrics and Travis Scott-esque ad-libs over a trap house beat has already blown up in the CHH community (it’s been streamed over 1.2 million times on Spotify). She was even listed in USA Today’s list of 5 CHH Rappers To Keep An Eye On. And now she has dropped her debut album Exit and is ready to take her burgeoning career to the next level. Not bad for someone who started her career at Reach Records as an intern.

In the fickle music biz it’s hard to determine an artist’s potential staying power but with a major team behind her, a crazy work ethic, and bars for days, Wande is looking to change the game and become a new vanguard for The Culture encouraging the world to enjoy life, pursue their purpose, and explore their faith.

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