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Primms Hood Cinema Poetic Justice

Siskel and Ebert, Armond White, Gene Shalit. Some of the world’s most renowned movie critics. It is time to add a new one that represents specifically for The Culture, Moses Primm and his YouTube channel Primm’s Hood Cinema.

Primm’s Hood Cinema is a channel dedicated to reviewing hood cinema classics. From Boyz N The Hood to Juice, Primmer has got you covered. The format is pretty straight forward, Primm starts at the beginnig of the film and gives a play-by-play of the film talking about the characters and hitting all the major pet points. It’s far from stiff though as his running commentary is full of NSFW jokes, anecdotes, and observations. Primm does this all in a monotone and blunt style that makes his musings even funnier as he explains the good, the bad, and the baffling of the movie at hand.

The graphics, text, and edits add to the “hood” vibe and charm of the videos. And again, combined with Primm’s commentary really give the channel its identity. The video thumbnails are even hilarious with titles such as “Ice Cube and Bust Rhymes vs, Nazis” to describe Higher Learning and “Scary Black People” to describe Tales From The Hood.

The channel is relatively new and has plenty of room to expand. Primm dropped its first video in May of 2019 and already has over 10,000 subscribers and over a half a million total video views. Recently the channel added TV related content with top 10 episode list of classic black television series.

If you’re looking to take funny trip down memory lane of some of your favorite #CultureClassics, Primm’s Hood Cinema is the YouTube channel for you.

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