hip hop heads podcast

THE FEAT. – Hip Hop Heads Podcast

#RunTheCulture Hip-Hop and podcasting have become interesting bedfellows lately. Rap is such an interesting subject as it is lead talking point not only within The Culture but popular culture at large. Today we feature the up-and-coming Hip-Hop Heads Podcast. A Hip-Hop Head is defined as someone that embodies the hip-hop culture. Someone who is obsessed…

swoozie top 10 black youtuber

The Feat. – YouTuber Swoozie

#RunTheCulture Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one of the most original YouTubers on the platform, Swoozie. Originally recognized in our list of the 10 Black YouTube Channels To Watch, Swoozie’s channel consist mainly of him doing comedic story telling vlogs. He tells stories about his life covering everything from his childhood to his misadventures…

chris jones pump chasers

THE FEAT. – Chris Jones YouTuber

  Today of THE FEAT. we’re featuring the black fitness YouTube channel Pump Chasers are their host Chris Jones.     Pump Chasers is a raw take no prisoners fitness channel run by personal trainer and YouTube personality Chris Jones. Much more than a workout beast with a foul mouth (although he is unabashedly both…

rico the giant black gaming youtuber

THE FEAT. – YouTuber Rico The Giant

#RunTheCulture Gaming YouTube and streaming is blowing up. And with the growing number of black gaming YouTubers getting into the game it’s hard to standout. Enter Rico The Giant. Rico is a young content creator, gamer, streamer and music producer. He posts gameplay/commentary videos, Q &. A’s, and even reactions to bad little kid’s Soundcloud…

DJ Akademiks

THE FEAT. – Youtuber DJ Akademiks

#RunTheCulture Today we feature hip-hop YouTuber, TV host, and…rapper?!? DJ Akademiks. DJ Akademiks is a Jamaican born, NY raised entertainment media personality and creator for The Culture. He covers various hip-hop news and entertainment items on YouTube, TV, radio and on social media. His videos are composed of his raw, off-the-cuff audio commentaries layered on top of stitched-together video clips and…

2 dope queens podcast

The Feat. – 2 Dope Queens Podcast

Today on The Feat. we’re featuring one the biggest black podcast out, 2 Dope Queens. There are 2 Dope Queens currently reigning supreme atop the black podcast game. They’re so poppin’ that now they record their podcast in-front of large boisterous audiences at the King Theater in Brooklyn, have done HBO specials, and are being…

immaculate bites black food blog foodie

The Feat. – Immaculate Bites Food Blog

#RunTheCulture Do you like food with an African and/or Caribbean flare to it? Check that, do you like food period?  Then you gotta check out the amazing black food blog Immaculate Bites. The recipes on the blog range from African and Caribbean bedrocks like Slow Cooker Ropa Vieja, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, etc. to Southern classics like Bourbon…

wear brims black owned hat company

THE FEAT. – Black Owned Hat Company WEARBRIMS

Breaking out as a designer in today’s fashion landscape is no easy task and requires your brand to bring something truly unique to the table. Designers and creators for The Culture Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch have broken through the clutter and made a name for themselves with their high-end line of Fedora hats, WearBrims.