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The Black in Sports Podcast tries to change the game and look at the role of African-Americans in every aspect of sports.

Taking an unfiltered perspective on black culture and the impact of sports from a business perspective, the pod is hosted by Las Vegas sports biz professionals EJ Cutliff & Myles Hayes. Myles & EJ’s goal is to give sports a different voice. A voice that shows success and perseverance gained from sports. Black in Sports was created for The Culture. They bring the stories of the stars you have heard of and some you will get to know with rookies, all stars, MVPs and Legends in sports and sports business all covered on the show.

More than just running down scores and highlights, the pod is mainly about showing positive images and promoting aspirational accomplishments in sports. You can find them on all the podcasting platforms from Spotify to iTunes. And they even film the pod and put it up on YouTube. So if you’re a fan of sports and The Culture, give this podcast a listen.

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