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Hip-Hop and podcasting have become interesting bedfellows lately. Rap is such an interesting subject as it is lead talking point not only within The Culture but popular culture at large. Today we feature the up-and-coming Hip-Hop Heads Podcast.

A Hip-Hop Head is defined as someone that embodies the hip-hop culture. Someone who is obsessed with hip-hop and lives for all aspects of hip-hop. The Hip-Hop Heads podcast is made by hip-hop heads for hip-hop heads.

Hosts ChrisBeenBased and Koopa talk about the biggest current stories in hip hop and The Culture. They also go bigger picture and discuss current events and even do album reviews as well. Their passion for hip-hop comes through loud and clear in their lively, funny, and entertaining conversations. Their classic album reviews (from Queen Latifah to Nas) are particular highlights well worth checking out.

The crew keeps it consistent dropping 2-4 podcast a month on all the major podcast platforms. So if you’re a hip-hop head in need of a fix of excellent content that reps for The Culture, this is a podcast for you.

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