10 Dope Black Female DJs


DJ’ing is one of the core elements of hip-hop and black female DJs are a major part of that. Despite being overrated and sometimes overlooked, The Culture needs these talented and skilled women. And to show them the love they deserve, we’ve put together a list of 10 dope black female DJ’s repping for The Culture around the globe.

Angel & Dren

angel and dren black female DJ

What’s better than one dope DJ? Two of course. Twins Angel & Dren are from the birthplace of hip-hop, the Bronx ,and have been rocking crowds together for years. Their mixes on SoundCloud have garnered millions of plays and show off their wide knowledge of music. They’ve also been able to leverage their skills on the wheels of steel and mixed it with their love for fashion creating their own brand A+D and partnering with Nike.

DJ Beverly Bond

dj beverly bond black female DJ

Beverley Bond started out as a model before turning to her passion for DJ’ing and hosting. She’s been spinning in the game since 1999 and has seen and done it all. She has worked with some of the The Culture’s most iconic stars and the industry’s most iconic brands. Bond has spun for Prince, Jay-Z, Diddy, Chanel and countless more. Oh and she founded the organization Black Girls Rock!

Brittany Sky 

brittany sky black female DJ

A Queen from Queens, Brittany Sky is as creative and multi-talented as they come. The DJ and YouTuber plays globally at branded events (Amazon and Target), festivals and opens for international musicians like Snoop, the Migos, Future, and 2 Chainz. And if she looks familiar, it’s because she was the leading lady in Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” video.

DJ Diamond Kuts

dj diamond kuts black female DJ

DJ Diamond Kuts is true DJ’s DJ. She is the first woman to have a mix show on Philadelphia radio. Kuts is well respected and recognized in the industry for having a great ear for music as well. She discovered Lil Uzi Vert and toured with Nicki Minaj. Kuts has also done production for some of the industry’s best including Minaj and singer Rayana Jay.

DJ Kara

dj kara black female DJ

DJ Kara is a young LA-based DJ make waves in the west coast club scene. She has an open format style playing music ranging from funky house to the best old school R&B jams. Outside of the club you can find her DJ’ing a wide range of events from corporate events and private parties to even gyms. She’s spun for Tesla, Disney, Under Armor, and more. She also drops club mixes on SoundCloud so you can rock with her whoever you are.


keyliza black female DJ

Coming straight outta Germany, KeyLiza aka DJ Queen of Beats is a DJ, singer, dancer, composer, beatmaker and record producer. She first gained recognition internationally as a member of German R&B-pop group Sistanova. KeyLiza transitioned to DJ’ing and producing and has used her worldwide connections to play the hottest clubs, parties, and festivals from Europe to the United States. She uniquely mixes a lot of world music and Afro beats into her sets right alongside the hip-hop and pop you’d expect.

DJ Keyzzz 

dj keyzzz black female DJ

Dj Keyzzz is one of the biggest DJs on the continent of Africa. For years Keyzzz has held it down at Accra’s go-to hangout spot, Republic Bar and has performed at almost every major African music festival. She is also the owner and founder of Beat Phreaks, a brand that spotlights talent and showcases artists, dancers, DJs and producers that are breaking grounds in their respective art-forms helping to shine a light on other talented creators in Africa.


spinderella black female DJ

Of course we couldn’t make this list without one of the most widely know dope black female DJs of all-time. Spinderella was the sound behind creators for The Culture Salt-N-Peppa. Five albums and multiple platinum and gold singles later, she’s a legend. Spinderella produced several songs on the group’s albums and dropped a few bars to boot. She’s been a radio personality in L.A. and Dallas and founded the Spinderella DJ Academy to pay it forward to the next generation.

Tiff McFierce

tiff mcfierce black female DJ

Tiff is one of the most in-demand DJ in the game right now boasting over 3 million listeners worldwide. She is also the first black woman to ever become a resident DJ at Madison Square Garden. Tiff is now a staple on the musical team for the NBA’s New York Knicks and WNBA’S New York Liberty. Her clientele list also includes L’Oreal, GAP, Sirius XM Radio, and Seagrams Gin. A health and wellness junkie as well, Tiff has created a wellness series Look IN vs. Lookin to help her fellow sisters balance work, life, and health.


dj yaya black female DJ

Canadian Yaya started DJing in 2014 mainly to remedy the fact that the music she wanted to hear was missing from Montreal’s techno and house-heavy club scene. Bringing new meaning to the phrase “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself”. She started a recurring party “No Techno No House” at the techno club Datcha where she plays hip-hop, Afrobeat, reggaeton and even baile funk. Her mixes are as eclectic as her own personal sense of style making YaYa a true breath of fresh air.

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