This week in our #CultureClassics series we take a look at The greatest interlude in hip-hop history “PSA” from all-time great creator for The Culture, Jay-Z.

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Interludes, a staple of hip-hop in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Sometimes freestyles. sometimes partial songs, sometimes comedic skits, every rapper had several per album. From Biggie to Ice Cube, Ludacris to Nas, interludes helped fill out many a rap album. And most were just that, filler. But the Jay-Z came along…It was the interlude heard ’round the world. Or better yet, a “Public Service Announcement” for anyone who thought Jay Z had lost a step as he was intending to “retire” after the release of The Black Album in 2003.

Produced by Just Blaze, (with the help of a sample from the song “Seed of Love” by Little Boy Blues that dropped way back in1968) the record was a soulful banger that captured a raw East Coast attitude and hip-hop lyricism at it’s absolute pinnacle. With just 2 minutes and just over 16 bars, Hov slayed the competition and any naysayers while adding another notch to his claim for the mantle of greatest MC of all-time.

#FunFacts: “PSA” was almost the interlude that never happened. Just Blaze made the beat after The Black Album was already completed and submitted and as a matter of fact, Jigga was previewing it for the press when Just delivered the beat to him and Jay recorded it 4 bars at a time between listening sessions with different members of the press and the completed record was thrown onto the album at the absolute last minute. And the video featured cameos from Missy Elliot, Jermaine Dupri and was also the first appearance and public acknowledgment of the future Mrs. Carter, Beyonce.

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