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Kickin' It With Dad Book

The “Kickin’ It With Dad” book is a brand new book for kids that shines a spotlight on the bond between black fathers and sons.

The book is for 9-12 year-olds focusing on a father-son relationship where sports (soccer in this case) is used as a backdrop to create tension, laughs and some life lessons too. Positive images of black fathers are always a welcomed sight in The Culture which is front-and-center in this novel.

#KIWD is now the third book in the series written by author (and Creators for The Culture EIC) Christopher R. Ford. The first being the baseball themed Playin’ Catch With Dad and the second, Shootin’ Hoops With Dad. Throughout the books the young protagonist Ronnie goes through ups and downs. From making the teams, to dealing with a demanding coaches and bullies, and winning and losing. But through it all, his dad is there to give him advice. Advice which he doles out as they play catch, shoot hoops, or just kick it in their backyard. It’s all about a young black male overcoming obstacles and even his own fears and doubts about himself and his abilities. But again, with the help of his dad and his friends, he’s going hard for his goals.

A book for young black kids starring kids that look and talk like them is something that will never stop being a neccessity. Representation matters. And being filled with those positive images and affirmations makes Kickin’ It With Dad is another great read for all the future creators for The Culture out there. 

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