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Kim SoMajor is a creator for The Culture who more than lives up to her moniker. Writer, PR guru, radio personality, hip-hop head. Oh and the Editor and Cheif of Hip-Hop Weekly. We catch up with this woman on the move and talk classic albums and how to be a hustler. #GetFamiliar
kim somajor interview

You’ve been in the game for a while and done a lot, can you briefly tell us what all you do?

I have a few gigs, I’m partly Jamaican ya know. Currently I work in public relations for a huge PR group based out of Los Angeles called Echoing Soundz that manages the brands of high profile clients such as Blac Chyna, E-40, Ball Greezy, Eric Bellinger, DLRN amongst many other notables. I also provide pr services for musical artist OTB Fastlane, DJ XO and Boston George of Houston, TX and Fleming Trap from Charleston, SC area. On the weekends, you can find me part timing at Entercom Radio as an audio engineer and on air personality. And most recently I was promoted to Editor In Chief with HIp Hop Weekly Magazine after being a digital and print correspondent for 5 years… I still do a lot of the corresponding for digital and print but now I’m able to contribute in a bigger capacity with the direction and execution of the Hip Hop Weekly Brand which is really exciting for me.

What do you enjoy doing the most and why?

I actually enjoy working with artist hands on day to day. I love the development to the launch period, I’m addicted to the grind and also helping people get from point a to point b is very rewarding. I’m definitely most comfortable in the studio whether it’s engineering a project or cracking the mic.

How did you get into hip-hop journalism?

I’ve always been a creative and passionate for music, one of my best friends and I started a lifestyle blog a few years ago, I was heavy into the rap portion and end up getting recruited to write for

You’ve interviewed some major artists, who has been your favorite interview and why?

I had an interview with LaurieAnn Gibson. She’s a well known choreographer, creative director and long time colleague of Diddy. Most times we see her screaming orders and being very demanding as a dance coach but she was the total opposite in conversation. She was so insightful, pleasant and very calm, and her vibe was just such a positive force. We talked about so much and it just stamped in my head, at any level as a woman in this industry you just gotta get use to proving yourself everyday-every moment or you’re not gonna make it. There’s a huge double standard and it doesn’t go away just because you work with a listers, if anything you have to fight harder.


What is the biggest misconception people have about being a journalist in music?

It’s a glamorous job, you get into everything free or you’re close friends with all these different entertainers.

How do you feel you are treated as a woman journalist/personality in the hip-hop and entertainment fields? Have there been any particularly good or bad experiences you’ve had thus far?

I feel doubted a lot of the times versus my male counterparts that may not even have as much experience as me. It’s a weird thing when you’re the only female in the room and someone walks in and speaks to everyone but you. When they find out your position then it’s all ”Hey, hi how are you ?“

What do you see as the next big evolution or trend in hip-hop?

I see more artist to consumer platforms. With technology advancing I think the multitasking benefits of apps will eliminate the need for a middle man or distributor eventually. Open commerce baby!

Favorite 3 albums of all-time?

Jill Scott – Experiance: Jill Scott 826+, MJB- My Life, Nas – It Was Written

What is the biggest accomplishment of your career to this point?

My position as Editor In Chief at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. I worked very hard to get here and take nothing for granted the lows and the highs.

Who are some of your creative inspirations?

People in general are my greatest inspiration, sounds, the weather, different vibes and different cultures.

What would you say has been the key to building your brand?

Work ethic and integrity.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to aspiring writers or content creators?

Stay true to your own voice and don’t mimic someone else’s path.

What’s the next step in the evolution of your brand?

just continue to push the culture forward, taking it to the highest level, having the ability to reach billions of people across the globe and doing something positive.

What are your ultimate goals for your career?

To rip it down as hard as possible in every scenario imaginable! Oh and to spread LOVE!

And finally, what does the term “The Culture” mean to you?

Culture means we are a team of like-minded groups. It means the protection of our ideas and actions that support us in economical, physical, mental and spiritual growth.


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