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Photo Credit: Joey Blanco owner of Blu Models Management and Blu Eyes Photography and Videography


Tika Loves Fashion is a model and YouTuber out of the DMV. A lover of fine fashion, fragrances, and even sneakers, check out our exclusive interview to find out what makes this multi-talented creator for The Culture tick (pun intended).

Tell us about yourself and your career so far, how did you get into fashion and modeling? 

That is a very good question. Honestly I got into modeling through IG. The more I would post different pictures, the more I was recognized. I wasn’t really serious about it at first, because I just simply love fashion, but I leaped into the world of modeling about 3 years ago and never looked back. Most of my bookings have been through IG as well; so social media has played a huge part.

What is the biggest misconception people have about being a model? 

I would say that the biggest misconception is that modeling is easy. Modeling isn’t for the weak. Sometimes I have to keep up with what I am doing every week, especially because things have gotten so busy. I have to make sure I have different looks, standing in heels for hours, traveling, model calls, fashion shows, photo shoots. The list goes on and on. Oh and please be able to do your own make-up lol.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far? 

The most memorable moment was when I recently went to NYFW for the autumn season. I have not been to NYC since the pandemic began. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was there, looking at everyone, culture, fashion, and everyday life. I modeled for Kween Kloset. It was very exciting and I met some really cool people from all over the United States.

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is very eclectic. I love everything (heels, sneakers, flats, dresses, suits, skirts, joggers, fedoras, snapbacks, etc). Pretty much you name it, I have it.

What is your favorite item in your closet? 

I honestly don’t have a favorite item. Having and eclectic style, means I can love something one day and throw it to the side for months after that, then act like it’s brand new.

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Photo Credit: Joey Blanco owner of Blu Models Management and Blu Eyes Photography and Videography

What is your favorite trend right now?

I don’t do a lot of trends, but one that stays with me from season to season is monochromatic.  I really like wearing the same color patterns (well not everyday) because I think they look nice and neat at times and it flows.

What trend do you want to see go away?  

For me trends, don’t really go away, everything is recycled somehow, and sometimes in different ways. Like I said, I don’t really get into a lot of trends, I kind of just do my own things.

Who is your favorite designer? Why? 

Well I have two. They will surprise you. I love supporting black women and I have two in mind. I can only call them my favorite because I have modeled for them and I know the quality of their work. The first one is Beauty x Nihilo LLC. Her eye for detail is exquisite. I appreciate someone that puts in quality in their work and sews by hand and machine. It takes time to make garments and anyone that has that kind of talent and is very humble gets my business every time. We have to help each other and build each other up. There is room for everyone to make it out here.

The next designer is the lovely Fanny’s House Collection. I modeled for her once and I am modeling for her again at a fashion show on September 25th. She has an eye for detail. She makes her clothing by hand and sews them. She also has quality accessories. Once again, anyone that is humble and will talk to me about fashion is always going to get my priority when I am choosing a designer. You should look her up, she has a wonderful back story. Fanny has been featured in magazines and her clothing has been chosen to be in future movies for next year so don’t sleep!

What made you get into vlogging and becoming a YouTuber?

I was sitting around one day and thought to myself, “Why am I not capturing my life? My life is interesting lol. I am a very intriguing woman. I do a lot of things, but I should be capturing them and not just in pictures. I want to be able to explain and share things that I like to do. I am still getting used to it of course, because it is new to me, but I like it so far.

What are the ultimate goals you wish to achieve in your career? 

I want to get into acting. No, forget that! I AM going to act. I love modeling and fashion and I will always be involved with it, but acting is next, no doubt.

What advice would you give an up-and-coming model and/or YouTuber? 

Things that I tell myself everyday: Pray, Please take your time, be patient, know that some things are going to come quickly so be ready, take constructive criticism, but keep moving, learn new things everyday, have fun, and love yourself unconditionally.  

And Finally, what does the term “The Culture” mean to you?

The culture means “All Things”, I am the culture and you are the culture. It would not exist if we were not all here adding little pieces to culture. Culture can be fashion, it can be food, and I believe it can also be what you bring to world with knowledge, music, and ideas.

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