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We have to rely on our own to tell our stories but also to cover our storytellers. Shadow and Act is a blog that does exactly that.

Shadow & Act is considered one of the top blogs/websites devoted to covering Black Hollywood. They cover everything from film, to television, to web series and even Broadway. The site constantly drops breaking news, and provides analysis on the entire scope of black entertainment including weekly black box office results (which are hard to find anywhere else). And as part of the Blavity Media YouTube page, they have a series were they talk to black actors and have them breakdown some of their most iconic scenes.

Being so well connected in Black Hollywood, they give readers amazing access to The Culture’s most talented. They have interviewed black stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, the cast of Living Single, Issa Rae, Anthony Mackie, Ava DuVernay and many, more (both established and up-and-coming).

And representing the next generation of black creatives is just as important to the Shadow and Act blog as showing love to our established black stars. They cover and promote creative content from the rising directors, writers, and producers of tomorrow.

The sheer amount of content they create is staggering. There is almost nothing that happens in black Hollywood that they don’t cover. From Insecure to the next indie sensation, if it’s happening on the big or small screen, Shadow and Act will be there to let you know all about it.


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