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Eve L. Ewing is a dynamic and innovative writer whose work explores themes of race, politics, and history. Born and raised in Chicago, Ewing has become a prolific and celebrated writer, producing books of poetry, essays, and even a comic book series. Her work is deeply informed by her experiences growing up on the South Side of Chicago and her academic background in sociology and education.

Ewing’s poetry often focuses on the experiences of Black Americans and the struggles they face. Her book, “Electric Arches,” is a powerful collection of poems that explores the intersection of race, gender, and identity. In this collection, Ewing uses vivid imagery and creative metaphors to explore the complexity of Black womanhood in America. She touches on topics such as gentrification, police brutality, and the ongoing struggle for social justice. Her poems are at once deeply personal and universal, speaking to the experiences of Black Americans across the country.

In addition to her poetry, Ewing is also a skilled essayist. Her work often explores the intersection of race, education, and politics. She has written extensively about the history of segregation in Chicago’s public schools and the ongoing fight for educational equity. In her book, “Ghosts in the Schoolyard,” Ewing uses her background in sociology to explore the complex web of policies and practices that have contributed to the persistent segregation of Chicago’s schools. Her writing on this topic has been praised for its depth and nuance, as well as its ability to shine a light on an issue that is often ignored by mainstream media.

Eve L. Ewing and he redesign of Riri “Ironheart” Williams for Marvel Comics

Ewing’s most recent project is a comic book series called “Marvel’s Ironheart,” which follows the story of Riri Williams, a young Black girl who becomes a superhero. The series is groundbreaking in its representation of a Black female superhero and has been praised for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Ewing’s work on the series has been hailed as some of the best comic book writing of the year, and has earned her a legion of fans.

Overall, Eve L. Ewing is a writer who is unafraid to tackle difficult and complex topics. Her work is deeply personal and deeply political, and she uses her platform to shine a light on issues that are often ignored by mainstream media. Whether she is writing poetry, essays, or comic books, Ewing’s voice is one that demands to be heard.


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