Best Christmas Rap Songs of All-Time


Best Christmas Rap Songs

The Best Christmas Rap Songs of all-time show how talented MCs can put a unique twist on the oftentimes stale holiday music scene. Check out our list featuring some of the greatest rappers of all-time putting it down for the holidays.

Honorary Mention – Rudolph the Red-Noised Reindeer – DMX

What started out as a lighthearted, impromptu performance turned into a viral cult classic. DMX originally did his rendition acapella, banging on the studio desk at Power 105 during an interview. He added his signature ad-libs and infectious energy, and an unexpected Christmas hit was born.

5. Santa Baby – Rev Run x Mase x Diddy x Snoop Dogg x Salt N Pepa x Keith Murray x Onyx

Put together by hip-hop legend and ordained reverend Rev Run, this hip-hop remix of the holiday classic Santa Baby brings together some of hip-hop’s finest. Less an ode to consumerism than the original version, most of the MCs on the song question the existence of Santa and focus more on the harsher realities of growing up poor in the hood during the holidays.

4. Sleigh Ride – TLC

The top-selling girl group of all-time also have one of the most popular holiday jingles of all-time. An original take on a standard Christmas orchestral song from the 1940s, T-Boz, Chilli, and Left-Eye completely flipped the script to create something uniquely their own. Punctuated by Left-Eye’s rhymes, the ladies made one of the funnest Christmas songs you’ll eve here.

3. Santa Goes Straight to the Ghetto – Snoop Dogg

Snoop makes his second appearance on Santa’s list here. This time with help from Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Tray Dee, and Bad Azz. The song is titled after James Brown’s version of “Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto” from the 1968 album, A Soulful Christmas and was part of the Christmas on Death Row album. The west coast MCs gives a raw look at the holidays over a g-funk beat and another memorable Nate Dogg hook.

2. Player’s Ball – Outkast

Not your traditional holiday song, but Outkast isn’t your traditional hip-hop act. The duo’s 1994 single expresses the “southernplayerlystic” way to spend the holidays. Fully equipped with ‘lacs and libations. Andre 3000 says it best: “You thought I’d break my neck, to help y’all deck, the, the…Oh naw, I got other means of celebratin'”. Oh and it’s one of the greatest debut singles in hip-hop history.

1. Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC

Hip-hops #1 contribution to the holiday season. A classic beat with two classic verses. Run and DMC spin a holiday tale about running into Santa on Christmas Eve and a banging home cooked holiday feast. It’s so fun and so timeless its been played on the radio, in commercials, and on TV for 35 years and counting. Quite simply put, Christmas in Hollis is one of the most recognizable “modern era” holiday songs of any genre ever made.


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