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Friday After Next is the third (and so far last) film in the #CultureClassic Friday franchise. This installment has rapper Ice Cube returning as Craig along side his cousin Day-Day (Mike Epps) for some holiday misadventures.

Our two heroes engage in a last minute attempt to make rent after being robbed by someone dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Together they work a security job during the day (“Top Flight Security of the World!”) and then throw a rent party at night to raise the necessary funds.

The cast in it’s entirety is the standout thing about this film. They all played their, often times, completely over-the-top characters to perfection. Cube and Epps have amazing chemistry as usual, D.C. Curry as Epp’s eccentric dad, Clifton Powell as Pinky, Katt Williams as Money Mike the pimp, and of course the late-great John Witherspoon as Cube’s dad Willie Jones.

Friday After Next grossed $13 million in its opening weekend and went on to gross $33.5 million worldwide. The film only cost $10 million to produce helping to solidify Cube and his production team (Cube Vision) as money makers in Hollywood.

Is it a perfect movie? No. The best Friday movie? No. But it is funny and full of hilarious and memorable scenes and lines and is a fun Christmas movie for The Culture.

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