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Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time music video is a game changer. In 1992, the world witnessed the release of one of the King of Pop’s most iconic music videos. Directed by the legendary John Singleton and set in ancient Egypt, the video captured the essence of Jackson’s unparalleled artistry and showcased his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. Let’s take a closer look at the making of this Culture Classic.

To bring thier vision to life, Jackson and Singleton assembled a dream team of black talent. The cast included Eddie Murphy as the pharaoh, Iman as his queen, and a host of talented dancers. Magic Johnson even appears as a member of the pharaoh’s court. The renowned choreographer, Fatima Robinson, crafted intricate dance routines that perfectly complemented Jackson’s unmatched energy and style.

The production of “Remember The Time” spared no expense in its quest for grandeur. Immense sets were constructed to depict opulent palaces and lush landscapes, complete with authentic Egyptian architectural style. These visually striking locations provided the perfect backdrop for the video’s narrative.

Releasing before the widespread use of CGI, the team had to rely on innovative practical effects and clever editing techniques. From the transformation of a statue into a living Michael Jackson to mesmerizing scene transitions, the video showcased cutting-edge visual storytelling that captivated audiences worldwide while still holding up to this day.

The video’s success is largely attributed to Michael Jackson’s unwavering commitment to perfection. Known for his impeccable attention to detail, Jackson tirelessly rehearsed every move to ensure the choreography was flawless. His unwavering dedication, combined with his magnetic charisma, imbued the video with an irresistible energy that remains unmatched.

“Remember The Time” broke barriers and defied expectations. It showcased Michael Jackson’s ability to merge music, dance, and storytelling into a visually stunning experience. The video’s release was accompanied by a television premiere event that garnered record-breaking viewership, cementing its status as an iconic cultural moment.

The making of Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” music video was a testament to his unparalleled talent and commitment to innovation. From the lavish sets and impeccable choreography to the groundbreaking visual effects, every element of the video contributed to its enduring legacy. Decades later, “Remember The Time” remains an indelible reminder of Jackson’s mastery as an artist and his ability to transcend time and captivate audiences around the globe.


Despite releasing in 1992, “Remember The Time” is still the only major Hollywood live action production set in ancient Egypt to feature an all black cast.


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