Game Changers: Meet the Creative Geniuses Behind the “Bitter Root” Comic


In the ever expansive comic book space, there are rare occasions where a certain title hits the scene and immediately makes a mark. Titles that are so unique they rise above the fray, capturing the imaginations of readers and the industry alike. One such standout is “Bitter Root,” a groundbreaking comic series that seamlessly blends the supernatural with the historical in a way no other comic has attempted. Set during the Harlem Renaissance, the narrative takes place in 1920s New York and follows a family of monster hunters, the Sangeryes, fighting demons both literal and metaphorical. As the Sangeryes confront a plague transforming people into monstrous creatures, the series deftly explores deeper themes like racism, discrimination, and identity.

Blending a stunning visual style with a deep social narrative, “Bitter Root” is a tour de force that captivates readers with its compelling characters, historical depth, and its use of the supernatural as a metaphor for societal issues facing the poor and people of color. And behind this masterpiece lies a talented creative team of comic book industry vets whose collective imagination has brought “Bitter Root” to life.

The Pens

David F. Walker

On the writing side, leading the charge for “Bitter Root” is the brilliant David F. Walker, an accomplished writer with a knack for crafting stories that exceed genre norms. Walker’s previous works include acclaimed titles like “Power Man and Iron Fist”, “Cyborg” and “Shaft,” showcasing his ability to infuse new levels of depth and complexity into older legacy characters. In “Bitter Root,” Walker weaves a narrative that not only entertains but also addresses profound social issues, making it both a thrilling and thought-provoking experience for readers.

Chuck Brown

Collaborating with Walker is Chuck Brown. Serving as co-creator and co-writer of “Bitter Root”, Brown’s contribution to the series is significant. Brown brings his experience from writing on “Black Panther” and Marvel’s major “Civil War II” event, and more experimental fare like “On The Stump” to the project. And with an additional background in TV and film, he adds a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the storytelling. Brown’s expertise adds layers of richness to the narrative, making “Bitter Root” a unique and engaging reading experience.

Combined, both writers understand the importance of authentic representation, incorporating it into “Bitter Root” in a way that is dynamic and innovative. The adage that man is the true monster takes on an entire new meaning when the Sangeryes have to do battle with real monsters and an entire manmade societal system set against them. It’s deep but not in a forced way thanks to some amazingly adept writing by the dynamic duo of Walker and Brown.

The Brush

Sanford Greene

The captivating visual aesthetic of “Bitter Root” is crafted by the incredibly talented Sanford Greene, whose artistic prowess brings the characters and world of the series to vivid life. Here Greene reconnects with David F. Walker after their critically acclaimed collaboration on “Power Man and Iron Fist” for Marvel Comics. Greene’s distinctive style, characterized by bold lines and expressive details on uber-stylized characters, is a perfect complement to Walker’s narrative, immersing readers in a fantastical version of the Harlem Renaissance. His ability to capture both emotion and action in equal parts is a testament to his talents as a top-level visual storyteller.

“Bitter Root” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and artistic freedom. Allowed to “do their own thing”, the creative minds of David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, Sanford Greene, assemble Avengers-style to produce a comic book that is both socially significant and visually arresting. Their collective dedication to creative excellence has earned “Bitter Root” a special place in the hearts of readers, and garnered the team multiple Eisner Awards (the comic industry’s version of the Academy Awards).

Creators often strive to create art that will leave a legacy. And “Bitter Root” is a project that truly showcases the transformative potential of the comic book medium. So much so that Walker, Brown, and Greene will join forces with Ryan Coogler and Regina King to bring “Bitter Root” to the big screen in the near future. “Bitter Root” truly changed the game when it began it’s run in 2018. And today, it continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of comics by inspiring new creatives, bringing new readers to comics, and consistently blowing the minds of seasoned enthusiasts.


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