5 Black Sports YouTubers


Black Sports YouTube channels are on the rise. And as sports and The Culture are as intertwined as they’ve ever been before, this should come as no surprise. So check out our list of 5 black sports YouTube channels all sports fans should be watching.

Alvini Linguine

Self described as a “Former D2 College Basketball Walk-On Reject with way too much time on his hands trying to make some Basketball Videos and some IRL stuff when I have the time.” Alvini does indeed create a ton of interesting basketball videos, usually with a humorous tone to them. In little over a year he’s grown his channel to over 31k subscribers and has amassed over 4.6 million total views.

Basketball Time Machine

As you may be able to surmise from it’s name, Basketball Time Machine is a channel covering all things old school NBA. Hosted by Sean David, BTM does videos on a variety of subjects. From crazy Michael Jordan stories, to reality checks on some of your favorite throwback players, to even the most disrespectful dunks in NBA history. The channel has over 83k subscribers and over 20 million views over it’s nearly 200 videos (and counting).

Flemlo Raps

Flemlo Raps is the host of this football focused YouTube sports channel. Most famous for his “What Happened To” series. Being a former aspiring athlete himself, he’s able to take a unique stance in his videos and bring more to the stories about both collegiate and professional players. He’s done videos on everyone from Vince Young To Antonio Brown as well as a number of players that’ll make you say “oh yeah, what did happen to him?” Currently he is sitting at nearly 700,000 subscribers and has close to 140 million total video views.

Legend of Winning

A channel all about the NBA. Legend of Winning covers it all. Videos include NBA Theories, Timelines, The evolution of players, teams, positions, and much, much more. It’s easy to get lost for hours learning how players and teams turned out the way they did. And apparently a lot of viewers have already done just that. The channel has over 230k subscribers and over 42 million views.

Stunted Growth

Stunted Growth is the fascinating sports channel that examines basketball players from the past and present that could’ve, should’ve or would’ve had better careers had certain things not happen to them. The channel strives to teach younger players what not to do in order to avoid said “Growth Stunts” and have successful basketball careers while also highlighting past players that people forgot, who were really good. There’s also a series covering players that weren’t expected to be great, but became just that called “Growth Spurt”. The channel has over 25k subscribers and 5.5 million total views.


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