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Basketball is intertwined with The Culture like no other sport as both have been heavily influenced the other. It has only been recently though that the ones creating commentary content on basketball have reflected that deep connection. And for today’s The Feat. we’re featuring the basketball YouTube channel Basketball Time Machine.

basketball time machine

As you may be able to surmise from it’s name, Basketball Time Machine is a channel covering all things old school NBA. Hosted by creator for The Culture SEAN DAVID, BTM does videos on a variety of subjects. From crazy Michael Jordan stories, to reality checks on some of your favorite throwback players, to even the most disrespectful dunks in NBA history.

Sean is a gracious host with a laidback and intelligent style to his presentations. He prefers to let the content speak louder than him. You can both chill and learn watching BTM. There is also an accompanying podcast where Sean interviews NBA legends from the 80’s and 90’s like Dennis Rodman and Dominque Wilkins which is a must listen as well.

The channel has over 83k subscribers and over 20 million views over it’s nearly 200 videos (and counting). Basketball Time Machine is a 80’s and 90’s basketball fan’s dream and a treasure drove of amazing sports content.

Thank you for checking out our feature on the Basketball Time Machine YouTube channel. Check out more YouTubers on The. Feat.

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