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Today on The Feat.we’re featuring one of the top sneaker YouTubers, Scoop208.

Scoop has been featured on our list of the Sneaker YouTubers You Gotta Watch and is one of the OG’s in the kick game content on YouTube since 2013 and has worked his way up to almost 350,000 subscribers and nearly 100 million total views.

And as one of the premiere YouTube destination for sneakerheads, Scoop covers absolutely everything; unboxings, reviews, first looks, legit checks, price checks, vlogs and giveaways. His connections in the game are top-of-line allowing him to break news and get the hottest kicks extremely early (sometimes months ahead of anyone else). Plus he drops videos every single day, something that is virtually unheard of for a sneaker channel. He also has a top-of-the-line camera that catches every detail of the kicks as he shows them off like pieces of art.

Through his channel, Scoop educates, informs, and entertains and can give even non-sneakerheads a new appreciation for shoes. Check out his channel here:

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