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More Spooky SZN coverage on deck as today on The Feat. we feature the black horror YouTube channel of Chauncey K. Robinson.


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Chauncey K. Robinson aka “The Twisted Girl Next Door” is an award winning journalist, YouTuber, actress, horror lover, and much, much more. Her YouTube channel focuses on that love for horror and is filled with horror movie reviews, reaction vids, a vlog, and coverage and interviews of horror events. Major theatrical releases to hidden “gems” (some are good, some…aren’t) on Netflix. Basically whatever is going on in the world of horror, Chauncey has got you covered.


She’s funny, entertaining, and her passion for the genre is evident in every video. Plus she’s a journalist so she brings the knowledge and isn’t afraid to voice her true opinion on whatever piece of work she is discussing. So if you’re a horror enthusiast Chauncey is your girl and her channel is your spot! Now go forth and check out her horror YouTube channel for a scary good time.


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