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More Spooky SZN coverage on deck as today on The Feat. we feature the black horror blog the Real Queen Of Horror.


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Zena Sade Dixon boldly proclaims her spot in the horror genre with her blog The Real Queen Of Horror which she mixes with her other passions for writing, creating and fashion/style. She’s been doing this since 2011 and her blog is chopped filled with content. She does reviews, previews, interviews and lists like the Top 8 Stereotypical Black Characters In Horror Films. She covers everything horror related so if it’s not on the blog, it probably doesn’t exists.


Fueled by Zena’s genuine passion for what she’s doing and her infectious authenticity, The Real Queen Of Horror blog is an excellent showcase for an up-and-coming black horror creator that’s fun, interesting, and of course spooky.


Check out the Real Queen Of Horror blog here and give Zena a shout on Twitter here.



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