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The Geekset Podcast has an true one-of-a-kind angle. It’s a blending of geek culture and hip-hop culture with a comedic twist.

The pod is hosted by hip-hop heads and blerds Ron Bacardi, Didge Dee, Lib, and Young Duces. Each episode they bring their unique takes on hip-hop culture, The Culture at large and everything geek from comics to video games and anime. They bring listeners up-to-date with both news and reviews. They also bring on special guests. They’ve interviewed the likes of iconic black superhero voice actor Phil LaMarr and comedian KevOnStage.

In some of their most recent episodes they’ve reviewed Wakanda Forver, discussed weird anime’s they’ve watched and talked about some of the crew’s careers in the streetwear fashion industry. The comedy, along with the brotherhood, and the info in the pod, makes it a truly and compelling listen. It’s evident upon first listen that the crew has real chemistry and passion for the topics they discuss.

Geekset Podcast Host

They have over 130 episodes in can with no signs of slowing down dropping new episodes every other Wednesday. They’re also constantly expanding their content offerings, bringing different types of shows to their YouTube channel including gaming streams and interviews. They even have merch, putting that streetwear background to good use. Perhaps their most ambitions project is their documentary. “The Black Geek Documentary” is a full-length documentary to be focused on the history of blerds and their changing of the game throughout media and pop culture. It is designed to be the Geekset crew’s love letter to blerds everywhere.

You can check them out on all the typical podcast outlets. You can also watch the recording of the pod on their YouTube channel. So if you’re interest extend from T’Challa to Kendrick Lamar, The X-Men to the Dipset, check out The Geekset Podcast


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