black horror tales from the hood and candyman

Candyman X Tales From The Hood – Culture Classics

#RunTheCulture Halloween is right around the corner and we’ve got not one but two #CultureClassics for you today that rep Spooky SZN to the fullest.  Black horror classics Candyman and Tales From the Hood. Candyman Candyman is a slasher film that dropped in 1992. It centers around a college student studying urban legends who comes across the legend of…

wear brims black owned hat company

THE FEAT. – Black Owned Hat Company WEARBRIMS

Breaking out as a designer in today’s fashion landscape is no easy task and requires your brand to bring something truly unique to the table. Designers and creators for The Culture Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch have broken through the clutter and made a name for themselves with their high-end line of Fedora hats, WearBrims.

top black indie comic book creators

9 Black Indie Comic Book Creators

#RunTheCulture Black superheroes have officially gone mainstream. You have the massive success of Black Panther, Sam Wilson aka Falcon becoming the new Captain America in the MCU, and the successful run of Black Lightning on TV. But of course it all starts with comic books and with the ability to self publish there’s no need…

3 Black Geeks Podcast

THE FEAT. – 3 Black Geeks

#RunTheCulture Today on The Feat. we are featuring three of the hardest working content creators in the game today repping for both The Culture and the nerds, 3 Black Geeks. The name explains a lot as the 3 Black Geeks collective consist of well…3 black geeks (CJ, Dee, and DjTsu) discussing everything pop culture. They…

Pink Sweat$

MUSIC MONAYS – Pink Sweat$

#RunTheCulture Honesty is a pillar of soul and R&B music. It is also the name of the breakout single from this week’s #MusicMonday artist, singer Pink Sweat$. A singer and producer to be exact, David Bowden, known professionally as Pink Sweat$ (don’t forget the $) is as versatile as he is unique. He started making music…

another round podcast

THE FEAT. Another Round Podcast

#RunTheCulture Today on The Feat. we are featuring one of the OG podcast repping for The Culture, Another Round. Another Round was a culture podcast co-hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. The dynamic duo shared their thoughts on everything from race and gender to all things pop culture. Their bread and butter however were their interviews. Sometimes…