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Black Girls Who Paint


Black girls who paint are talented, dope, and deserve all the shine they can get and more. And Black Girls Who Paint is a platform dedicated to doing just that.

According to their website; Black Girls Who Paint (BGWP) is an ecosystem with 2 goals in mind: (1) to show actual Black girls who paint and that the arts is a viable career path and (2) to normalize Black women in the arts as a whole. They do this by both showing the art of course but also sharing the stories of the talented black woman behind that art.

BGWP was founded by Sasha Loriene who is also the owner of her own art studio Mahyue Studios. She has managed to create what she always wanted to see as a young girl and an up-and-coming artist.

They also offer services and events with Black women painters across the globe. BGWP provides opportunities to invest (and patronize) Black women artists with sustainable art practices, professions, and/or businesses while supporting Black girls, teens, and young adults in their art endeavors through their own BGWP Awards Fund. 

The arts have been gate-kept for a very long time so it is great that organizations like BGWP have arrived to open up doors for amazingly talented black women to get their works to the masses. Portraits, to abstract, to pieces showing the joys or the struggles of being black, BGWP showcase it all. Check out the many pieces of art and their creators on the BGWP’s site and their social medias (@BlackGirlsWhoPaint).

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