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Dizastorous Beauty Chrissy Brown YouTuber

“Beauty, fashion, and wigs, wigs, wiggggssss.” This is the description of beauty blogger Chrissy Brown’s (aka DizastorousBeauty) amazing YouTube channel.

Chrissy is a multifaceted creator for The Culture as she is also a wife, mother, and nurse, who is dedicated to sharing her love for beauty and fashion with black women everywhere. The DizastrousBeauty channel is full of high quality and visually arresting content. She makes beauty look beautiful thanks to her effortless style. Highlights include videos on affordable wigs and a hilarious Top 5 Worst Wigs.

And her style has resonated with The Culture, Chrissy has over 2.5 million views and is constantly has her subscribers learning, laughing, and inspired to step their wig games up. DizastrousBeauty is a black beauty YouTube channel every fashionista should check out.

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