New Lebron Sneakers First Ever Designed By Black Women



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Recently Lebron James and Nike revealed his new signature shoes for this upcoming NBA season the Lebron 16’s. They will be available in a number of color ways but there is one in particular that is making a bit of history for The Culture.


James collabed with Harlem’s Fashion Row to design a pair and in doing so making it the first Lebron to be re-designed/imagined by black women. HFR is a fashion collective established in 2007 by Brandi Daniels and provides a platform for emerging artists during the most highly attended event in the industry, New York Fashion Week, helping black designers get much needed and hard to get exposure.


The three talented black women that worked on the shoe design are Undra Celeste, Kimberly Goldson, and Felisha Noel. They were taken to Nike HQ to learn how to design a performance shoe and worked with major Nike footwear designers. And what they came up with is a unique looking basketball sneaker with some serious high-end fashion vibes to it which quickly became one of the most coveted Lebron sneakers released in recent memory. They sold out instantly and are now re-selling for more than double their original value.


So with the success of this collaboration don’t be surprised if this opens Nike’s doors up to more women of color to join their design ranks which means more sneakers for The Culture by The Culture.



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