Video: Lebron James Drops Teaser Trailer For New Documentary


Professional basketball star and budding creator for The Culture Lebron James just dropped a teaser trailer for his upcoming Showtime documentary-series entitled Shut Up And Dribble.


lebron james shut up and dribble documentary 1


It will be a three-part series covering the changing role of athletes in today’s political/social environment. The name spawns from a now infamous statement and racially tinged comment from an out ou touch news anchor in response to LeBron James’ and fellow NBA players discussing their unwillingness to visit the oval office. The series itself takes a historical look at how NBA players have evolved as the NBA itself grew into a multi-billion dollar industry allowing it’s players to build and grow their brands beyond the court, first becoming major players in merchandising like sneakers and fashion, to transcending the game to become global/cultural icons to now being able to use their voice/brand to affect social change.


James will be feature prominently in front of the camera and is also serving as an executive producer on the series. Shut Up And Dribble will premiere on Showtime in October and you can check out the teaser below:




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