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This week on The Feat. we don’t have something brand new but it’s something that recently came onto our radar that we think you should definitely check out! It’s Super Ubie Island an indie video game by black-owned developer Notion Games run by Andrew Augustin who we featured as part of our 10 African-Americans Making Moves In The Video Game Industry article.


The game is a platformer inspired by the old-school classic Super Mario World, where you control the adorable green alien Ubie who has crash landed on Climate Island and needs to run, jump, and glide his way through over 25 levels discovering secrets, repairing his space ship and fighting the evil Dr. Terrestrial.


super ubie island black video game


It’s a fun and challenging game that both young gamers and seasoned platformer players will enjoy. Black game developers are still few and far between so supporting excellent work like this is a must. Super Ubie Island is available on Steam so if you have a PC make sure you check it out and all you mobile gamers can check out Notion’s newer offerings in the App Store and Google Play.




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