The Feat. – Douriean Fletcher’s Black Panther Jewelry


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By now we all know all about the phenomenon that is the Black Panther film. From the directing to the acting, the record setting film is a shinning example of #blackexcellence. And one of the more unsung creatives behind the scenes is the subject of this week’s The Feat. jewelry designer Douriean Fletcher.


Working hand-in-hand with Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth E. Carter, Fletcher provided the finishing touches to set off the amazing looks of the characters with her jewelry selections. The attention to detail was immaculate. From Princess Shuri’s bracelets and necklaces to the seemingly small details of the armament worn by the Dora Milaje (the King’s guards) and the beautiful assortment of earrings worn by the Queen and other members of the royal court, Fletcher was able to mix the traditional African styles with high-end western fashion sensibilities adding more flair to the film’s Afrofuturist themes.


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The accessories are so fly Fletcher worked out a deal with Marvel and is selling designs from and inspired by Black Panther to the public on her website so if you want to get your Nakia or Okoye on, Fletcher’s got you covered.


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