Reginald Hudlin

The Trailblazer: Reginald Hudlin

Reginald Hudlin, is as versatile a creator for The Culture there is with an extensive catalog of exceptional and diverse works. He is a luminary in the realms of film, television, and even comic books and has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

10 highest grossing films by black directors

10 Highest Grossing Films By Black Directors

#RunTheCulture Check out our list of the 10 highest grossing films by black directors. Featuring some of the best and brightest The Culture has to offer and showing their tremendous range and exceptional abilities to tell great stories and bring in audiences. 10. Ride Along – Tim Story Total Box Office: $154.5 million Tim Story…

eddie holly art creators for the culture coming to america

Artist Eddie Holly – THE FEAT.

#RunTheCulture Artist Eddie Holly and his dope artwork are today’s feature. Holly is an artist out of San Diego who grew up with a passion for the arts and entertainment and has over 10 years of experience in Apparel/licensing as a Graphic Designer/illustrator and has also worked in both the Animation and Video Gaming Industries. One…

top black indie comic book creators

9 Black Indie Comic Book Creators

#RunTheCulture Black superheroes have officially gone mainstream. You have the massive success of Black Panther, Sam Wilson aka Falcon becoming the new Captain America in the MCU, and the successful run of Black Lightning on TV. But of course it all starts with comic books. And with the ability to self publish there’s no need…

black panther oscar

Every Black 2019 Oscar Nominee

#RunTheCulture The nominees for the 2019 Academy Awards were just announced and several years removed from #OscarsSoWhite creators for The Culture showed up and showed out. Black Panther, BlacKKKlansman, and If Beale Street Could Talk were the big winners (metaphorically speaking). Highlights include the legendary Spike Lee finally getting his first nod for Best Director…

black panther


#RunTheCulture We kick off 2019 by looking at THE biggest film of 2018. One of those instant #CultreClassics, Black Panther. In the Spring of 2018 a different kind of user hero flick launched and changed the game forever. For us, by us, Black Panther, the story of an African Prince turned king trying to find…