10 Black YouTube Channels To Watch

If content is king then visual content is the king of kings. We use photographs and videos to communicate so much today. And thanks to YouTube it’s given people of color the platform to tell their stories their ways. From Black hair, to hip-hop, makeup to video games, here are 10 of the best YouTubers doing it for The Culture.


Xavier Woods/Austin Creed – UpUp DownDown

Most video creators use YouTube as their path to fame but Austin Creed is the complete opposite. He was already famous as a four-time tag team champion, founder, and 1/3 of the WWE stable The New Day. And he has used that fame to explore another of his passions, videogames. Woods/Creed is a natural born master of ceremony but besides him just being entertaining, what makes his channel so good is that he brings in other WWE superstars to play and talk. It’s cool to see different sides of these sports entertainers as they break character, laugh and check out some cool videogames.




Swoozie is a very creative guy who does comedic story telling vlogs. He tells stories about his life covering everything from his childhood to his misadventures in the entrainment industry. And the cool/unique thing about it is that the stories are animated. The videos are funny and a lot of them have heart and teach life lessons. The animation is cute and adds to the comedic flare. All-around his channel is very unique and entertaining.



Chime – Hair Crush

Chime Edwards is a YouTuber who’s channel is more than meets the eye. The main focus is hair and skin care and her videos are excellently shot and edited. But she goes further with vids covering everything from cultural appropriation to hip-hop dance’s African roots. Ladies looking to get their hair and their minds right can look no further.



Jazmyne – Blvck Nostalgia

Jazmyne Drakeford is the youngest person on the list. The 21 yr. old Oakland native has a very fresh multi-purpose channel that consist of fashion/thrift lookbooks and hauls, DIY’s, intellectual thoughts, rants, and the occasional tutorial. Her youthful enthusiasm is infectious and she does a great job of connecting with her viewers. She comes off as the homegirl next door.



Tiffany Owens

One of the queens of makeup and beauty, ladies, Tif has got you covered. And she does it all with swag. Lipstick to foundation, the more affordable stuff to the expensive high-end products, if you want to know what to buy and how to rock it, this is your channel.




The premiere YouTube destination for sneakerheads. Scoop covers absolutely everything; unboxings, reviews, early first looks, legit checks, price checks, vlogs and giveaways. And he drops videos every single day. Something that is virtually unheard of for a sneaker channel. He also has a top-of-the-line camera that catches every detail of the kicks as he shows them off like pieces of art. He educates, informs, and entertains and can give even non-sneakerheads a new appreciation for shoes.



Chris Jones – Pump Chasers

Much more than a workout beast with a foul mouth (although he is unabashedly both of those things). Chris is a motivator, entertainer and a great businessman. He doesn’t simply post workout videos he also does Q&A’s, tutorials, vlogs where you get a glimpse of his everyday life (from vacations to trips to Wal-Mart). He can make you laugh, motivate you to workout, and teach you how to build a brand.



DJ Akademics

Akademics is the man on top of all the major stories in hip-hop. He approaches the topics from a unique angle. He’s funny and speaks from an “average Joe’s” perspective. Some consider him controversial but he calls it like he’s sees it and is consistent. He also does a good job of covering up-and-coming rappers and the business side of the music game. So if you wanna know the latest wave everyone in the rap game is surfing or which rapper got with which Kardashian, DJ Akademics is your guy.



Divas Can Cook


This is a really fun cooking channel featuring classic tried and true, from-scratch recipes. All of Monique’s videos have great production value. They’re beautifully shot and edited which only serves (see what I did there) to wet your appetite even more. Monique has a great personality that really shines in the videos and she makes it easy to follow and replicate what she makes (no promises on you’re food looking as good as hers tho).



Ahsante the Artist

The tagline for her channel is “Live spiritedly and think creatively” and Ahsante makes videos to teach, inspire, and motivate. She has videos ranging from how to get into Harvard (which she did) to mental health, time management, hair care and more. She also shares her own art and does a little bit of singing. Her videos are well shot and edited and even with the production values the vibe is chill and causal, like getting advice from your super smart friend.




Written by @TalentedMrFord

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