Sneaker YouTubers You Gotta Watch


Sneakers are an important part of The Culture serving as one of the main fashion accessories and a great way to express one’s personal style. Jordans to Supremes, Adidas to Kobes, there are no shortage of kicks to fit anyone’s taste.


And content creators on YouTube have taken their passion for kicks and created cool, funny, and informative videos that cover any and everything you might wanna know about sneakers so check out our list of the sneaker YouTube channels you gotta watch!



sneaker youtuber bull1trc

The youngest YouTuber on the list but actually one of the OGs of sneaker YouTube and has been doing it since 2011! He does a bit of everything on his channel including the standard reviews and unboxing as well as thrift store blogs, clothing hauls, lists, and more. One of the coolest things about his videos are his on feet segments where he’ll show off the kicks with different pants on to give viewers a sense of all the ways to rock their sneaker.



sneaker youtuber dammn dee

A channel for people who love sneakers and want to be entertained at the same time. Dee’s channel is not about heat or trying to show off, He does have exclusive or early looks from time to time but he covers a lot of “regular” shoes that most people buy but a lot of YouTubers don’t cover. He also does comedic skits centered around sneakerhead culture and is a great of fresh air in a sometimes overly serious and competitive space.



sneaker youtuber jacques slade

Think of this channel as the CNN of sneaker YouTube. He does daily updates and reviews on sneakers plus a little sports, music, entertainment, tech and other random cool things he comes across. Jaques his well connected so he gets a lot of information and kicks before anyone else and his video production is second none.



scoop208 top 10 youtubers

Scoop does just about everything on his channel; unboxings, reviews, early first looks, legit checks, price checks, vlogs and giveaways. And he also drops videos every single day so he is one of the go-to sneakerheads in the game. He uses a top-of-the-line camera that catches every detail of the sneakers as he shows them off like true pieces of art. He educates, informs, and entertains and can give even non-sneakerheads a new appreciation for shoes.



sneaker youtuber a sneaker life

A Sneaker Life doesn’t cover every shoe, it’s more of a curation of certain sneakers as they cover them more in-depthly from preview to review to how to cop that particular shoe. Think of this channel as more of a sneaker connoisseur channel featuring mostly heat and hard to find kicks.



sneaker youtuber tony2dwild

Tony Digital give you some of the in depth reviews on sneakers, clothing, accessories, etc. He makes a lot of scission and lists videos to keep things fresh from standard reviews and vlogs. His passion for kicks really comes through in his videos that has helped him accumulate nearly 530k subscribers He also has one of the best room tour videos of all-time.




sneaker youtuber unbreakable kicks

Another passionate sneakerhead that drops a lot of content. There aren’t many releases you won’t find on this channel and his collection is absolutely awe inspiring. He takes pride in showing authentic kicks and dropping authentic opinions. He also posts very help fill “how to cop” vids sneakerheads always appreciate.

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