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Today on The Feat. we are featuring one of the pre-eminent sports content creators on YouTube repping for The Cuture; Flemlo Raps.

Flemlo launched his channel 2015 focusing primarily on the video game NCAA Football 2014. He quickly became a content creating machine dropping a video a day. His skill at the game, passion for football in general, and his quick wit helped him quickly grow his channel. But despite his success making gaming videos he decided to switch things up and use that passion and knowledge of football to create a different kind of content.

In 2016, Flemlo shifted his focus to player-driven story content, specifically a “What Happened To” football series. Being a former athlete himself, he’s able to take a unique stance in his videos and bring more to the stories about both collegiate and professional players. He’s done videos on everyone from Vince Young To Antonio Brown as well as a number of players that’ll make you say “oh yeah, what did happen to him?”

Flemlo is also well know for his videos covering the players from the NETFLIX Original series Last Chance U. He was even shouted out in the credits for the third season of Last Chance U as the ultimate show of respect for his content and his grind.

His channel has now expanded to all sorts of NFL content and now XFL coverage. Currently he is sitting at nearly 550,000 subscribers and has close to 11o million total video views. If you are a football fanatic and want to hear interesting stories about players balling today and in the recent past, Flemlo Rap’s channel is one well worth checking out.

#FunFact: Flemlo attended Southern University to play football but was even more renowned by his teammates for his rap skills, since the name Flemlo Raps.

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