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This week on The Feat. we’re featuring a talented artist by the name go Marcus Williams aka Marcus The Visual.


super natural woman comic


Marcus is an illustrator and the creator and artist behind the very cool and unique black super hero comic projects Tuskegee Heirs and Super Natural. His character designs really srand out with bold colors, action poses, with a more fun and fantastical portrayal of black characters.


tuskegee heirs comic book


Marcus’ work is also quite versatile. He has his aforementioned original comic books but he also does his own takes on established character like Black Panther, Storm, Superman, and Wonder Woman, cartoon characters like the Thndercats and some really dope interpretations of adult version of Huey and Riley from The Boondocks. He truly does it all, everything from illustrating children’s books, comic art, to random character commissions and more.


storm hiphop heroesbishop hiphop heroes


One of his current projects is something he’s titled #HipHopandHeroes where he re-imagines black superheroes as 90;s era hip-hop heads. So far he’s created a Queen Latifah inspired Storm and and an NWZ.Eazy-E inspired Bishop and yes both are dope. Marcus The Visual is a creator for The Culture making black super hero art cool.


Check out all of his amazing artwork on his website, click HERE.


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