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Today of THE FEAT. we’re featuring the black fitness YouTube channel Pump Chasers are their host Chris Jones.


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Pump Chasers is a raw take no prisoners fitness channel run by personal trainer and YouTube personality Chris Jones. Much more than a workout beast with a foul mouth (although he is unabashedly both of those things). Chris is a motivator, entertainer and a great businessman. He doesn’t simply post workout videos he also does Q&A’s, tutorials, vlogs where you get a glimpse of his everyday life (from vacations to trips to Wal-Mart). He can make you laugh, motivate you to workout, and teach you how to build a brand. And now you can watch his evolution from Beast Mode to Dad Mode Jones as he now blogs about becoming a new father.

Jones also sells workout clothing, equipment, and even supplements making himself a true fitness renascence man. Jones proudly proclaims that his brand is for people that grind week after week. For those who are addicted to chasing that pump and is truly a brand for the people. And with almost 450k subscribers and over 67 million video views, the people are behind him.


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