#RunTheCulture Having a second chance to make a first impression is a rare opportunity in the music industry. And our #MusicMondays series is designed specifically to introduce you to the artists you need to be listening to. So with all that said, let us (re)introduce you to the multi-talented Normani. A singer and dancer from…

we're all in the same gang

Culture Classics I We’re All In The Same Gang

Previously on #CultreClassics we’ve featured “Self-Destruction” by KRS-One and many of the top East Coast rappers of the time coming together to promote an anti-violence message so it’s only right we give the Westside it’s due with their classic hip-hop joint, “We’re All In The Same Gang”. “We’re All In The Same Gang” was the…

wande rapper


Having faith is nothing new in hip-hop but openly displaying it and making it the foundation of your bars is rare. And being a female MC and doing so have been almost non-existence. But enter a fresh, driven young lady coming straight outta Texas and you have our #MusicMonday featured artists, Wande.

Pink Sweat$

MUSIC MONAYS – Pink Sweat$

#RunTheCulture Honesty is a pillar of soul and R&B music. It is also the name of the breakout single from this week’s #MusicMonday artist, singer Pink Sweat$. A singer and producer to be exact, David Bowden, known professionally as Pink Sweat$ (don’t forget the $) is as versatile as he is unique. He started making music…