4 Black Literary Podcasts


Black literary podcasts are a rising force for black literature. Black stories and their storytellers need outlets that understand them to help spread the word about the amazing work they are creating. And connoisseurs of The Culture need to know where to find them. Check out our list of podcasters that are informing the masses how lit black literature is.

Black & Read

black & read podcast

In this bi-weekly podcast/book club, host Terry Brown and his guest discuss a piece of literature from the unique perspectives of a person of color.” He talks to book authors of course but also journalist and even graphic novel/comic book creators covering the entire gambit of the black lit spectrum.

Black Chick Lit

black chick lit podcast

The Black Chick Lit Podcast shines a rightful spotlight of female authors for The Culture. The podcast features in-depth discussions of the latest and greatest works penned specifically by black women. Join hosts Danielle and Mollie as they talk prose, judge every character’s decisions and laugh at their own jokes. From The Hate U Give to Beloved, from film adaptations to new releases, Danielle and Mollie discuss it all things black literature.

Books, Beats, and Beyond

books, beats, and beyond podcast

Books, Beats, & Beyond is very unique in the literary podcast space. The pod focuses on alternative and marginalized history, progressive issues, and provocative and thought-provoking music. Host Taj Salaam (self-described as “just your average human who reads an above-average amount”) interviews writers, journalists , musicians, scholars (and even scientists). It’s black lit with a hip-hop flair.

Mostly Lit

mostly lit podcast

Mostly Lit is a podcast with a mission. The goal, show that anyone and everyone can be a reader. The pod strives to help create a more inclusive and diverse publishing and media landscape. Alex Reads, the host, is a writer and actor whose passion for literature and performance comes through loud and clear when he speaks. And alongside co-hosts Raifa Rafiq and Derek Owusu, the trio talk about the “multicultural millennial” experience as it pertains to literature, pop-culture and film and keep it quite entertaining.


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