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Celebrity Underrated is a YouTube channel takes a look at well, underrated celebrities from The Culture from back in the day.

Overall, Celebrity Underrated chronicles the lives and deaths of entertainers, sports figures, world leaders, and others both famous and infamous. In a mini-documentary format, the channel highlights the celeb’s background and upbringing, their rise to fame, their trials and tribulations, and the often mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the deceased.

Celebrities who have been featured include Left Eye, Craig Mack, the cast of Boyz N The Hood and even Johhnie Cochran. Each episode is informative and entertaining and are full of never-before heard tales/stories and never-before seen pictures and videos.

The channel has racked up over 8 million total views and currently has over 93k subscribers. So if there is a black celebrity that you’ve recently wondered, “hey what happened to them?” Head over to the Celebrity Underrated YouTube channel and you might just find out.


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