4 Blerd YouTube Channels

blerd youtube channels


Blerd culture is The Culture. And the rise of blerd YouTube channels is helping us get our unique views on everything “nerdy” out to the world. Check out our list of 4 YouTubers putting out some of the best blerd content online.

Black Nerd Comedy

Andre the “Black Nerd” is the man behind the Black Nerd Comedy channel. The channel consists of vlogs, rants, reviews, and comedy on anything nostalgic like classic video games, comics, and movies. A true YouTube OG, the channel has been up and running since 2007 and has accumulated over 155 million total views. He also has a gaming channel called Sword and Shell.

Blerd Without Fear

Do you like to read comic books and/or are you just too busy to do so but wanna know what’s going on? Blerd Without Fear is the channel for you. On the channel, host Ernie Carother, reviews and breakdowns a variety of Marvel & DC Comics. His Beard Cave vids cover new releases weekly. He has a “Who Is” series so you can learn about different characters. And he also has a “Black Superheroes You Should Know” playlist which is absolutely awesome.

Cali Tea

Cali Tea is a YouTuber dedicated to geeking out on all things anime. She makes reaction vids, list vids (ranging from best anime husbands to best anime apps), and much more. She even has a travel blog series covering her first every trip to Japan. Oh and she cooks! Japanese/anime inspired food (and it looks good too)!

Pretty Brown and Nerdy

Jazmine is pretty, brown, nerdy, and the host of this YouTube channel. She likes to talk about gaming, TV, and movies. From Lovecraft Country to Miles Morales, she’s got you covered (with humor and flair to spare). She also streams on Twitch and has a podcast called Nerd Talk that you can check out on her channel as well.


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