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rico the giant black gaming youtuber

Gaming YouTube and streaming is blowing up. And with the growing number of black gaming YouTubers getting into the game it’s hard to standout. Enter Rico The Giant.

Rico is a young content creator, gamer, streamer and music producer. He posts gameplay/commentary videos, Q &. A’s, and even reactions to bad little kid’s Soundcloud music for his over 200,000 subscribers. He plays non mainstream games (of sometimes questionable quality) with in combination with his natural comedic inclinations makes for hilarious viewing.

He dropped his first video in 2016. But Rico’s first viral video wasn’t until 2019 when he uploaded “HIGH SCHOOL ISN’T AS EASY AS I THOUGHT! | School Days (School Simulator) #1” which racked up over 620,000 views. And to this day his channel has a total of over 12.6 million views.

Rico’s vibe is the cool Blend next door. His reactions to the things that take place in the games he’s playing are mix of shock, awe, and bewilderment. The school and prison simulator game videos are particularly entertaining. So if you’re a gamer, need a laugh, or just like seeing a young creative making waves, check out Rico The Giant on Youtube.


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