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This time on The. Feat. we’re featuring the podcast Gettin’ Grown.

gettin grown black podcast

Gettin’ Grown is a show by two 30 something’s trying to navigate life and do the whole adulting thing. Hosted by talented creators for The Culture Keia and Jade who are two happy, hard working and funny women bringing you inside their world with segments like Table Talk, Petty Peeves and Lessons in Black Women Self Care. The ladies are down-to-earth, open, and real which gives the show a kicking it with your homegirls vibe.

The show has the perfect balance of current events and tea and sharing their life experiences so listeners can be educated while indulging in some of their guiltier pleasures. And yes they’re funny, just check out some of their recent show titles including; “A Little Less Raggedy than the Day Before” and “Half Deadt”.

They drop new episodes weekly and you can listen via Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. They’ve recently celebrated their one year anniversary and are even doing live shows doing Atlanta, NYC and Philly so far so the ladies are on the move literally. You might wanna get your seat at he kitchen table as they say and start tuning in now because Gettin’ Grown is gettin’ major.

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