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Black geek culture is just as much a part of The Culture as anything else. And it is finally starting to get the props it so richly deserves. Blerd podcasters in particular are at the forefront of this movement. So if you count yourself as a black nerd or geek, these are some of the best blerd podcast to listen to.

3 Black Geeks

3 Black Geeks Podcast

The name explains a lot as the 3 Black Geeks collective consist of well…3 black geeks (CJ, Dee, and DjTsu) discussing everything pop culture. They do interviews and review the best black movies, martial arts, anime/manga, comics, and everything that, as they put it, “white people think black people aren’t into.” They really do discuss everything and they are informative and entertaining. In all of their podcast they cut loose and talk like no one is listening. Things get nerdy, things get real.

Black & A Half

black & a half podcast

One and a half blerds, Manny and Silas (both Seattle comics) host this funny podcast and bring on a variety of guests to talk about the nerdy things they love, current events and the world of comedy. They discuss these things from their unique perspectives always putting a comedic twist on things. They interview musicians, artists, writers, comedians and other art creators for The Culture and also discuss recent news in nerd and pop culture.

Black Girl Nerds

black girl nerds podcast

Black Girl Nerds is a podcast hosted by Jamie Broadnax devoted to promoting nerdiness among black women and people of color. They foster a strong community and sense of self to let anyone (not just black women) let their geek flag fly. They’re also kind of a big deal and are well connected in the entertainment field. They are able to get tons of celebrity interviews and make set visits to major motion pictures like Black Panther for their show. It’s like Entertainment Tonight for blerds.


blerdup podcast

BlerdUp represents nerd culture from a black point of view. Their podcast consist of a lot of film reviews that are entertaining and educational. But they also talk obscure hip-hop and interview black actors making their way in Korea. So if you’re looking for a good mix of the familiar and the truly unique in blerd culture, BlerdUp is a podcast to tune into.

Blerd Vision

blerd vision podcast

Strap on your nostalgia goggles as Blerd Vision looks into the world of all things geek! Hosts Jourdan & Michael discuss the nerd news of the week and review comics, TV shows & movies. The twist is that cover both old and new entertainment. Blerd Vision is a window into the minds of two friends that like to talk at length about the imaginary stuff they love and that you just might love too.

The BlerdGurl

blerd gurl best blerd podcast

A great podcast hosted by self-proclaimed “Brooklyn blerd”, journalist and content creator Karma Horne. The BlerdGurl Podcast also reps for all the females in The Culture who are into anime, movies, comics, and more. She keeps it funny and woke. She’s interviewed everyone from #Oscarssowhite hashtag creator April Reign to one of the few black voice actors in anime, Gabe Kuda from My Hero Academia. If you actually want to hear the voices of black blerds in The Culture you’ll be hard pressed to find a podcast that features such a wide array of creatives.

The Negro Justice League

the negro justice league best blerd podcast

Welcome to The NJL: A Black Nerd Podcast. Consisting of Cherry, Jay, J2, and and Edwin, a group of self-described geeks, nerds, and dweebs here to discuss what matters to their fellow blerds. Topics include comics, movies, and TV shows and they even address social issues from their unique perspectives. So if you’re interested in The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter or anything considered “nerdy” this podcast is for you.

The TV Blerds

tv blerds best blerd podcast

This one is for all those being watching blerds out there. From 30 minute sitcoms to 1-hr dramas, The TV Blerd is all about keeping you in the know with everything TV. The host are Freya and Orson T. From Wu-Tang: An American Saga to How To Get Away With Murder, The TV Blerds discuss all your favorite television shows in a way The Culture can relate to.

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